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Alan Smith

From: Joshue O Connor
Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2017 12:57 PM
Subject: CFC Add Accessible authentication into Editors Draft

Call For Consensus — ends Friday June 23rd at 1:00pm Boston time.

The Working Group has reviewed and approved a Success Criterion for inclusion in the Editor’s Draft: "Accessible Authentication" with the goal of obtaining additional input external to the working group.


User Authentication Methods: A user authentication method is offered that does not rely upon a user's ability to memorize information; recall information from memory; speak; or mentally process presented or recalled information beyond the mental processes that are required to use a simple web page.
An alternative user authentication is available for users who are unable to use the primary user authentication method, unless it can be shown that all users have access via the primary method. This alternative user authentication method does not rely upon the user's ability to do any of the following:
• memorize character strings, including memorizing correct spellings; or
• perform calculations, such as including correctly identifying and entering numbers and letters from a character string; or
• speak; or
• reliably produce gestures; or
• recognize characters presented on screen, and then enter them into an input field.
Exception: A user identification method, which relies on one of the above abilities, can be the alternative method if an ability is essential to make effective use of the content accessed via the user authentication method.

Survey results:
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The new SC can be reviewed here, in the context of the full draft: 

If you have concerns about this proposed consensus position that have not been discussed already and feel that those concerns result in you “not being able to live with” this decision, please let the group know before the CfC deadline.

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