Re: CFC Add User Interface Component Contrast (Minimum) to Editors Draft

The survey given in the survey results section is not the survey which 
was sent out in this week's agenda.

That survey is at

I'm still waiting to see the minutes of the meeting so determine what 
sort of discussion went on about this issue. The link to the minutes 
which was sent out is also bad.



On 6/20/2017 9:59 AM, Joshue O Connor wrote:
> Call For Consensus — ends FridayJune 23rd at 1:00pmBoston time.
> The Working Group has reviewed and approved a Success Criterion for 
> inclusion in the Editor’s Draft: "User Interface Component Contrast 
> (Minimum)" with the goal of obtaining additional input external to the 
> working group.
> User Interface Component Contrast (Minimum)*:*
> Essential visual identifiers of user interface components have a 
> contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1 against the immediate surrounding 
> color(s), except for the following situations:
>  1. *Thicker:*A contrast ratio of at least 3:1 is required where the
>     minimum width and height are at least 3 CSS pixels, for the
>     essential visual identifier.
>  2. *Inactive:*Disabled or otherwise inactive user interface
>     components are exempt from this requirement.
>  3. *User agent control:*The color(s) of the user interface component
>     and any adjacent color(s) are determined by the user agent and are
>     not modified by the author.
> Survey results:
> GIT Hub:
> The new SC can be reviewed here, in the context of the full draft:
> If you have concerns about this proposed consensus position that have 
> not been discussed already and feel that those concerns result in you 
> “not being able to live with” this decision, please let the group know 
> before the CfC deadline.
> Thanks
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