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> A key point of contention is in the Adapting Text SC discussion is in regard to SC
> text and testability.
> So I have a question to the group:
> Must SCs be testable on the face of the SC? In other words, from only reading
> the SC text, must testability be evident to provide normative testability? If it
> can't be tested true/false from the SC text, will it or won't it meet the SC criteria
> requirements?
[Jason] There needs to be at least one effective procedure that an evaluator can apply to determine whether the SC, as stated in the text of WCAG, is true, false or not applicable with respect to given Web content. I don't think the procedure needs to be obvious, but it has to exist. If it necessitates human judgment (i.e., it cannot at present be automated), then we require good reasons for holding that a high level of itner-rater reliability would be achieved.
The central point, it seems to me, is that the evaluation methods must be a true test of whether the SC is satisfied, not of something else.


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