Re: Technolog Agnostic / Independent

Today technology Independence means that a person with a disability will
only have access to the least capable systems even if their professional
software runs on a system with greater capability.

The problem is that we are back in the WCAG 1.0 era when it comes to user
agents and platforms. Platform application developers sure know the size of
their target and they design for it.  This creates vast difference in
capabilities of user agents much like the cowboy era of the 90's. We are
back to when a user agent becomes available, because we have platforms
where no user agent is available.

Now, what is realistic. Holding to technology independence when all support
software is technology dependent, or modifying the principle to allow for
profound differences in user agents.

An HTML developer on a desktop / laptop OS like Windows, lenux or OSX can
build a much more visually accessible interface than a developer on IOS or
android. It is not ethical to limit disability access to the least capable

People with low vision need access to effective large print. That means
word wrapping and a character buffer than can hold 40  to 80 characters
(that is not exact 35 -70 might be it). That is completely commutable with
pixels. If it can be computed and implemented then authors should do it.
Standard techniques are available.  With full screen access that can be
achieved with 600% (starting resolution 1280 x 720 16/9 aspect ratio).

Do we deny users this level of access because IOS and Android based user
agents cannot do it.

I don't see how a person could earn their living as a computer professional
if their access to computing was limited to the capabilities of an IOS or
Android system.

Received on Monday, 10 April 2017 20:35:21 UTC