Re: 75 new Success Criteria to vet before our FPWD in February

Wilco wrote:

> There are currently 61 marked as ready for review. 1 from DPUB, 4 by LVTF, 15 by MWTF, and another 41 by COGA.

I think there were a lot of last minute entries and they haven’t all been categorised yet.

There should be 11 from LVTF [1], and if it were possible to replace current SCs there would be one less.

I would suggest, after a little categorisation, we treat it a bit like a pub quiz and swap work. I.e. rather than everyone review everything, split it up so that each person reviews a sub-set. Then in 2 weeks or a month change that sub-set. I think I can get through about 6 SCs a week properly, or a dozen if it is a more cursory read through, but we don’t have that many weeks!

We also need to factor in responding to feedback. Just on the graphics contrast SC I compiled 3 pages of feedback last night, quite a bit of which was overlapping. There are 5 new SCs that I know well and want to continue working on [2], so I assume I should balance reviewing other SCs with refining those based on other people’s feedback.

Also, could we pick a primary method for posting feedback? Survey or github. Based on compiling feedback yesterday I’d favour github as it allows you to see what other people have said, and +1 instead of repeating it.

Also, if we do rounds of review, we need to be able to archive version one of the proposed SC, and put up a new version for new comment. If we just edited the SC then  viewing the 1st round of feedback straight underneath it will be confusing.

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2] Resize content, Animation from interactions, Contrast: informational graphics, Metadata on hover, reflow.

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