Re[2]: 75 SCs to vet in 12 weeks.

To be serious, yes - we do appreciated that there is a lot to do and it 
is a big ask for the group. We will be staggering the items that are for 
review so we hope this will make things a little easier. Actually, we 
are really looking for 'provisional approval' of these new SCs at this 
point, so these SCs are the first tranche  'candidates' and this phase 
is a really a first pass.

In this pass we aim to whittle these down, reduce duplication, identify 
where SCs from TFs are related and can be merged etc.
Then identify sets that will be chosen for any final cut. So this is a 
rough overview of what we will be doing. So, lets all take a deep 
breath, roll up our sleeves etc.



Received on Friday, 2 December 2016 10:09:13 UTC