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> To give people a chance to review, we're extending this to Sat 3rd at
> 5pm Boston Time.
> Please do review Issue 72 for background
> Thanks
> Josh
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>>CALL FOR CONSENSUS – ends Thursday Dec 1st at 5:00pm Boston time.
>>Hi all,
>>On todays call with the DPUB working group, the suggested example text
>>was proposed to be added to the WCAG definition of a 'set of Webpages'
>>in order to better address the needs of DPUB stakeholders.
>>The current definition can be seen here:
>>DPUB Proposal for language: Example: A publication is split across
>>multiple Web pages, where each page contains one chapter or other
>>significant section of the work. The publication is logically a single
>>contiguous unit, and contains navigation features that enable access to
>>the full set of pages.
>>The item was discussed on the WG call and positive responses were
>>proffered - (
>>The original issue on Github:
>>If you have concerns about this proposed consensus position that have
>>not been discussed already and feel that those concerns result in you
>>“not being able to live with” this position, please let the group know
>>before the CfC deadline.
>>Joshue O Connor | Director
>> - Accessible UX

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