Re: Silver process

I’ve added:
The goal of the Silver project is to provide a major revision to the WCAG standard, and as part of the update to incorporate requirements for user agents and authoring tools as needed. The process of designing Silver defined on this page describes the steps that the WCAG Working Group will take to pursue the research, experimentation, and initial drafts of the updated standard.

Does that address your concern?
[Jason] It partially addresses my concern, but I would add an appropriate category (e.g., authoring tool implementors) under Phase 1 and mention ATAG and UAAG in that section.

Great. For the addition of the category we already have the following:

  *   Web/mobile application users
  *   Web/mobile content creators
  *   Web/mobile application creators

As this document is a process document that is not defining a technical specification but a overview of what the group expects the process to be, and that there will be many checks with the WCAG group for feedback and suggestions.

We will also have the task force work statement (which will be on next week’s agenda for discussion).

I believe that we are in agreement on the points you are making.


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