Daylight Savings Time changes affecting meeting times

The time has arrived that Daylight Savings Time changes in different 
parts of the world, which will change meeting times for some people. Our 
meetings are on Boston time, which has the following impacts:

  * Week of 31 October - meeting is one hour earlier than usual in
    Europe, Israel, and Asia; meetings are already 1 hour later than
    previous in Australia and New Zealand.
  * Week of 7 November - meeting is back to normal time in Europe and
    Israel; still one hour earlier than previous in Asia, and now two
    hours later than previous in Australia and New Zealand.

Hope I got that right. If you want to double check the time of meetings, 
you can use the converter at:

Enter USA - Massachusetts - Boston as the time to convert from, and a 
city in your time zone as the one to convert to.

The schedule for the week of 7 November will be the schedule until the 
next time change, in early 2017.


Received on Thursday, 27 October 2016 17:59:31 UTC