Re: Re[2]: CfC: Approve draft charter for AC review


I would prefer that - either these people join a call where we can all ask
questions, or, we draft a specific introduction with questions that is
approved by this WG.

Katie Haritos-Shea

On Oct 12, 2016 4:13 PM, "Andrew Kirkpatrick" <> wrote:

> I could live with what I suggested - gathering the opinion of others who
> will implement this new WCAG in gov,  *right now* (next week) as this is
> extremely important.
> I would like to see a broader set of these people approached with
> non-biased language questions, approved by this WG.
> Katie,
> Do you feel that the questions I asked of the US, Australia, Canada, and
> Japan were biased? I believe that each responder is fully aware of the
> situation and was responding to convey what is in their best interest.

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