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On 10/05/2016 11:54, David MacDonald wrote:
> Would it make sense to specifically prohibiting authors from disabling
> pinch zoom?

I'd say no, but a mechanism should be available for users to zoom. This 
may include custom +/- controls for instance, or something in the 
site/application settings (though yes the simplest sufficient technique 
would be NOT to block zooming and designing a site/app to adapt 
responsively to varying viewport and zoom metrics).

Note though that most mobile/tablet platforms already have built-in 
magnification (which some may argue does not equate to allowing users to 
zoom, as it affects everything on the screen, and not just content). And 
most browsers (with the notable exception of Safari and related 
WebView-based iOS browsers, as well as Microsoft Edge - which is 
strange, since IE11/Windows Phone 8.1 did) now also have settings that 
allow users to explicitly override any "disable zoom" setting (e.g. in 
Chrome/Android it's in Chrome's settings > Accessibility > Force enable 

At this point, this may be mobile/tablet OS specific, since desktop 
browsers don't honor viewport/device adaptation directives (with the 
exception of a few special situations, such as Windows 8/10's 
side-by-side full-screen app mode, where IE11/Edge do respond to some 
viewport stuff). For this reason, copying in the mobile a11y TF (with 
apologies if that results in double discussion again).

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