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Re: lc-2954

From: Mike Elledge <melledge@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2014 11:04:54 -0700
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I would think it would be necessary to have a programmatically-determinable label even if there's subsequent radio buttons to provide context for sighted users. Someone unable to see the page would seem to be at a much greater disadvantage without one.

On Monday, October 6, 2014 1:34 PM, Katie Haritos-Shea GMAIL <ryladog@gmail.com> wrote:


My thinking exactly!

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Adam wrote:

> -there is no failure for 4.1.2 in a case  > where there is no visible
label and no  > programmatic label, i.e. in a case where  > there is a
control with no label whatsoever  > (as can happen with a select where the
items  > in the select list give the user an idea what  > to choose from).
If the group feels that this  > is in fact a failure, then would it be
possible  > to include such a failure of 4.1.2 in F68 (in  > which case we
would need to split the test  > procedure between visible labels and cases
> where there is no label at all, and instances  > where only 4.1.2 is
violated to instances  > where 1.3.1 is also violated). Or, is this  > use
case not a failure at all, since all  > users are at the same disadvantage
when  > no visible label is provided.

I've always understood that a programmatically determinable name is required
as per 1.1.1 and 4.1.2:

"- Controls, Input: If non-text content is a control or accepts user 
input, then it has a name that describes its purpose. (Refer to 
Guideline 4.1 for additional requirements for controls and content that 
accepts user input.)"

I don't think that we can accept the contents of the field as an 
"implicit" label, it sounds to me like saying that the file name of a 
JPG can be used as the alternative text for an image.

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