SC failure for using pixel font size


I have others questions like the one last week about opening new window 
without prior notice for the working group members.

I will do each one on a separate thread for more clarity.

Do you consider using pixel font size for text in a  as a WCAG success 
criteria failure ? (example :
<p class="myfont">some dummy text</p> .myfont{font-size:12px;}

If yes to witch success criteria ? I'm especially interested to have 
your opinion one the 1.4.4 SC because I don't see anything saying it's a 
failure except on text based form controls (witch isn't the case in my 
example) so for me it isn't.

And you what do you think ?


Aurélien Levy

Received on Wednesday, 16 July 2014 16:58:36 UTC