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On 13 Aug, Bob Regan wrote:

> Interesting stuff. However, we are talking about screen readers, not
> browsers. 

  That's a very interesting comment, on many levels.

  However: what we are talking about is user-agents; the elusive little
  critter which acts on behalf of a visitor to your website.

  We are not, however, discussing a program running on top of a
  user-agent and trying to, by means unknown, access information that
  the UA in question may, or may not, make available.

  If AT foo running on top of UA bar cannot access element baz
  introduced eight years ago, then that is a problem with foo - and
  possibly with bar - but not with baz.

  Yes, using OBJECT, some UAs won't get their hands on the Flash, or any
  interface that said Flash make public. That isn't a problem. The
  *problem* is how to ensure that when this situation arise, the user
  will still get to the information.

  This problem is on the table regardless of whether we refer to ATs or
  UAs; not on whether or not WCAG should endorse browser-specific

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