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I know this is going to get me more nasty emails privately...

So to be clear, in order to meet WCAG and Italian law, content needs to
be screen reader accessible in other browsers and other platforms? This
would be a particularly prescient move on the part of the Italian
government given the fact that most of the configurations beyond Windows
/ IE have been released in the last few months. 

This does not alter the fundamental question. In a situation like this
one where code validity creates a problem for the overwhelming majority
of screen reader users, what do we consider more important? The
overwhelming majority of end users today are trying to access content
using Windows / IE / JAWS. Dropping the <embed> object will cause a
significant use case to experience serious problems. At the same time,
keeping it does not disrupt any of the existing use cases.

The choice then for the group is validity versus accessibility.

I think this is the best example of a case where validity breaks
accessibility. We can also talk about a much longer list of cases where
validity does not result in accessibility. In all cases, the reasons are
complex and require cooperation among standards groups, AT vendors,
authoring tool makers and browser makers. How do we sustain this dialog?
How do we realize the potential in valid code? 

I do not pretend to know the answer. However I suspect it will require,
at a minimum, a sober look at the cause and consequences of the
individual decisions underlying the issue. 


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Ok... So keep only IE6 in mind, that means that flash don't conform to
wcag (and also with italian law)

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      Interesting stuff. However, we are talking about screen readers,
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