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      Nearly every implementation of <object> is broken, especially when it 
    comes to handling cascading objects.

This is an user agent issue. at the same mode, we should say that image maps should not be used with xhtml 1.1 due that actual browser hasn't implemented the DTD... 
    Accessibility also doesn't necessarily mean that when it's a question of 
    HTML vs. any other format, HTML wins. If the information in a Flash 
    object can be made directly accessible, without damaging anything around 
    it, I can't see why that shouldn't be explicitly allowed.

Information in a Flash  object cannot be made directly accessible: this could be done only in one OS with a specific browser: this is why flash don't conform to wcag 1.0 checkpoint 8.1.
    Embed exists, and is well-supported by every browser. It seems quixotic 
    to try to ban it for validity's sake. Would somebody like to test a 
    custom DTD with the browsers and ATs out there to make sure Flash 
    remains directly accessible?
Flash accessibility is theory: we operate in real life, not in theory (i've cited your last e-mail) and until flash will not Be accessible in other os and in different browsers, is not a good idea to authorize a wcag 1.0 violation for code conformance (checkpoint 3.2 - level 2) when the object itself don't pass level 1 (checkpoint 8.1) ...

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