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Can you make me another example where wcag (1.0 or 2.0) authorize violation of other W3C  specification? 

You are defending an element for an unique product that is accessible only with IE6 and with some screen readers: is this the accessibility that W3C wants? I hope not.

Btw, for the MSAA specification and about how Flash handle MSAA, i will send u tomorrow some links.

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    Roberto Scano - IWA/HWG wrote:
    >Yes, we are working for accessibility but this don't authorize us to violate
    >other W3C specifications.
    Yes, it does, if necessary. Our primary allegiance is to users with 
    disabilities, not W3C specs. This document operates in real life, not 
    >Roberto Scano:
    >The problem is not the AT that don't handle <object> correctly but in the
    >case of Flash is that Flash uses <embed> for dialog with MSAA with "set"
    >options, instead of using <object> with "get" options
    That's not the information I have, and the link you sent doesn't say 
    anything about it.

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