Re: R: NEW: Issue #1544

Roberto Scano (IWA/HWG) wrote:

>      Nearly every implementation of <object> is broken, especially when it 
>    comes to handling cascading objects.
>This is an user agent issue.

Which is precisely why we can't fix it in WCAG.

>Flash accessibility is theory: we operate in real life, not in theory

Funny, but wrong. When we're dealing with screen reader users, 99% of 
that market is on Windows, using IE or its ActiveX control. Neither 
VoiceOver on OS X nor Gnopernicus on Linux has the user base or the 
stability necessary to get accessibility hooks. (Though once they are 
mature and stable enough, I would expect Macromedia/Adobe to provide 
them.) And nearly all of those Windows users have the Flash player. 
That's real life. Break their access to the Flash internals, and you 
break accessibility to blind users.


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