Re: summary of resolutions from last 2 days

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    Da: "Matt May"<>
    Inviato: 15/06/05 18.16.11
    A: "Roberto Scano (IWA/HWG)"<>    
    The very problem is that we are living in a world where HTML producers 
    "don't know what they are doing."

Roberto Scano:
ar we doing "webbist accessibility guidelines"? I don't think is easier for html producers (human) make a conformed data table, if they don't know html.

    We're not in an application/xhtml+xml world while the 85% majority 
    browser chokes on it.
So we still in 1999 for this SC?

    How did the Web become popular? It was because ordinary people learned 
    they could do it. Most of them have never figured out what a doctype is. 
    Most of them have no idea what CSS is, or that it can do more than set 
    fonts and colors. Many of us are years ahead of them in terms of what we 
    know about current practice. And that's okay, for now. But we don't have 
    the power to turn the world around to match our requirements. If we try 
    to do that, all we will do is make unreasonable requirements which 
    organizations and governments will ignore. Validity at level 1 is 
    counterproductive to our larger goal of increasing the amount of Web 
    content that is reasonably accessible.
Our target should be web professional developement, not the amatorial ones: otherwise we don't need wcag 2.0 and we could stay with wcag 1.0. 

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