Proposals from June 13 Face to Face


This morning, I published an updated internal working draft that 
reflects all of our resolutions through the 9 June telecon. It is 
available at:

As we worked through open issues for various guidelines today, I 
developed an updated editor's draft that reflects the proposed changes 
resulting from our discussions. So far, we've worked our way through all 
of the guidelines in principles one and two and guideline 3.2.

The URI for the draft with proposed changes is:

I've also updated the history of changes page to include a summary of 
the proposed changes:

I will be updating these drafts during the course of the week with new 
proposals as we continue to work through the open issues and editorial 

Please send comments and questions regarding these proposals to the 
list. We are also drafting a "punch list" of open issues with guidelines 
and success criteria that we will be working to address before the next 
public draft and will be posting that to the list soon.


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