[2.4] New proposal for guideline 2.4

Hello everyone,

Michael Cooper, John Slatin and I have worked together on formulating a new
proposal for guideline 2.4. Our proposal for the new success criteria can be
found in the attachment. 

At the end of the document, we discuss the changes from the current working
draft together with our rationale for these changes. This list can be used
as input for the questionnaire to poll how you all feel about the new
proposal (Go Wendy or Ben!)

One of the big problems we tried to tackle was the overlap with 1.3. We came
to the conclusion that 2.4 should focus on what's necessary to facilitate
navigation and can already assume that structure is marked up correctly. As
a result, several success criteria got reformulated or deleted.

Yvette Hoitink
Heritas, Enschede, the Netherlands
E-mail: y.p.hoitink@heritas.nl
WWW: http://www.heritas.nl 

Received on Tuesday, 31 May 2005 15:20:02 UTC