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RE: RE 3.1 proposal - first half

From: Gregg Vanderheiden <gv@trace.wisc.edu>
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 09:24:39 -0500
To: "'Ineke van der Maat'" <inekemaa@xs4all.nl>, <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>
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Sorry, i think you misunderstood the comment.

What I was saying was that the phrase I cited could be used to get people
out of having to do anything.  They would just say that parts of their site
were written for people with very high reading ability (plug in whatever
extremely high number or measure you want to).   Then you have made a claim
- so you conform.  But you haven't said your whole site was that way.  And
it doesn't help anyone.  And you don't sound bad cause you just said that
there was something somewhere on your site that was hard to read. 

What you cite below are just some of the people who would be 'below' this
highest possible mark.   

So I wasn't suggesting something that would be helpful to any web users.
Just a nice legally safe and meaningless statement that would allow everyone
to conform to the Success Criteria.   It was given as a reason to not use
the wording as proposed. 

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University of Wisconsin-Madison 

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Hello Greg,

>This would be equivalent to a such and such reading level of xxx."  
>Such a statement would be safe could just >be universally applied.

No  in some countries in Western-Europe education is so individualized the
last years, that only some key subjects are obliged for all students in the
last years before high school graduation and go to college. In the
Netherlands these key subjects are: Dutch, English, history and society,
elementary natural science, culture and art.

And the rest of the subjects  depends on the choice of a student what
profile he chooses. 4 very different profiles  can be offered and schools
also vary in how many profiles and which ones they offer.

But what has a reading level to do with the contents of the website. I know
people that can write very clearly about the most difficult subjects that
even children of 10 year can understand it easily and others can not even
write clearly about the same subject  so that even people with college
graduation will not understand it easily..

Reading level or education level: it tells nothing...It does not tell if a
text is understandably written... that should be the only criterium.

Ineke van der Maat
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