Re: [Techs-scripting]FW: setting focus on a form field using javascript

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> > This can work if there is only one field. If there are more fields,
> > then it is quite possible for the user to click on the field and start

No, people move the focus to interact with a page in ways other than
just typing in a form field, it would not only have no other form
fields, but no other links on it either - which means that the form
would be unsubmitable, so could not be useful?

> You could argue that if input itself is the main focus of the page (e.g.
> Google), then it's acceptable...although you could just ensure that the
> markup is such that the input comes first (or at least very early on) so
> even just tabbing to it would take a minimal, negligible amount of time
> and effort.

I cannot agree with this, Google's implementation is not acceptable to
me, I'm regularly caught out having tabbed to a submit button or link,
the problem is not the focusing, it's the unpredictable timing of the
focusing.  Seen as the group has already had a scripting technique
offered without this problem, then I don't really see why people are
continuing to defend the broken techniques used by google and others?


Received on Friday, 6 May 2005 14:07:04 UTC