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Re: Agenda + [2.4] CORRECT version of 2.4 proposal

From: John M Slatin <john_slatin@austin.utexas.edu>
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 14:22:54 -0500
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I think we might be able to delete GL 2.4 L2 SC1 (table of contents for documents with 5 or more defined sections) and list a table of contents as one of the possible navigation methods under what isn ow SC2.

2. There is more than one way to locate the content of each
delivery unit,
including but not limited to link groups, a table of contents, a site map, site search or other navigation mechanism. [V]

And here's a suggestion that might address the concern about what "repeated" means in GL 2.4 L2 SC3 (in Yvette's proposal):

3. Blocks of material that are repeated on multiple perceivable units in the same domain are implemented so that they can be bypassed by people who use assistive technology or who navigate via keyboard or keyboard
interface. [V]

I used "perceivable units" rather than "delivery units" because it's been pointed out that a single delivery unit may sometimes be transformed into multiple perceivable units.


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