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RE: Unicode encodings

From: Mike Barta <mikba@microsoft.com>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 14:11:13 -0700
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Agree.  Authors cannot actually publish in Unicode for the most part but
in UTF-8, 16, etc. which are encodings.  As long as the content uses an
encoding that is a registered standard then we should be ok with it.

KOI8 and UTF-8 will both yield Unicode Russian chars once the agent
interprets them.  And no, klingon is not an encoding despite what the
fan club might think -- unless the author knows for a fact this is only
going to said fan club, since in that case his baseline includes that


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Subject: Unicode encodings

As I have explained on this list before, it is unnecessary to be so very

specific and brand-conscious in our guidelines as to require Unicode 
encoding. We merely need to require a declared and correctly-used 

Anyway, I asked Michael Everson and John Hudson if any of the 
currently-used Web encodings contained characters that Unicode does not,

and they both answered no.


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