RE: CleverKeys, and "programmatically located"

We seem to have a disagreement of degree on what "the rough direction" means.
Anyway, I certainly misunderstood the success criteria despite trying
carefully to read them and test them. I still think that implies that they
are not clearly enough specifying what they mean.

Perhaps having examples in the techniques would help.

We almost certainly have a disagreement about whether pointing to the correct
definition is required. And I am not convinced that it would be messy to make
that happen - in the same way as it turns out that you don't need to mark up
each word to get to a dictionary entry for them. It seems tht as a group our
understanding of this technology is still pretty basic, so we might be making
unjustifiable assumptions about it, and basing decisions on those.



On Tue, 23 Mar 2004, Gregg Vanderheiden wrote:

>It doesn't just point you in a rough direction.
>It points you to the definition - like the definition in a dictionary.
>It doesn't tell you which definition is the one to use - but it would be
>more that pointing you in a rough direction.
>The reason we didn't specify that the individual definition be indicated is
>that it would require that each word with multiple definitions be marked up.
>That would be a mess.

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