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Jason White's message - Should we move 3.1 Level 3 Success Criteria to Gateway?

From: David MacDonald <befree@magma.ca>
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 10:05:45 -0500
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Jason suggest we speak with experts in foreign languages to see if 3.1
translates (see below)  Thanks for the feedback Jason

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From: Jason White [mailto:jasonw@ariel.ucs.unimelb.edu.au] 
Sent: Tuesday, March 09, 2004 12:19 AM
To: David MacDonald
Subject: Re: Should we move 3.1 Level 3 Success Criteria to Gateway?

David MacDonald writes:
 > While reading Level 3 Success Criteria for Guideline 3.1, I'm having
 > thoughts about the inclusion of a lesson on clear writing, grammar, and
 > sentence structure in the Guidelines document. It may be too late for
 > TR but here is my thinking:
 > *	This document will likely be translated into several languages. The
 > grammar and writing techniques in 3.1 Level 3 Success Criteria are very
 > specific to the English Language and they may not translate well.

Maybe these could be reviewed by people with knowledge of appropriate
writing strategies in various languages to determine whether they are
overly specific to the English language, and whether and how they can
best be internationalized. If they can't be internationalized then we
might have to consider moving them to techniques and maintaining
different strategies for different languages.

Perhaps the note to reviewers should ask not whether these ought to be
moved, but whether they require internationalization and, if so, what
changes or additions are suggested.

One further question: is this necessary for the current TR draft, or,
if an appropriate note can't be inserted at this late stage, would it
be reasonable to postpone it until the next draft?
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