Dont get Edit Shock - it isnt as bad as it looks

After looking at the agenda - some of you might be getting provision shock.


But it isn't as bad as it looks.  


1) There were no significant edits done (that I know of ) to any of the
informative sections.  Perhaps a cleanup or two where someone posted
something.   All the cleanup was to the guidelines and success criteria.   


2) Most of the guidelines only have a small number of success criteria.
(1.2 is the exception - but that is basically the same way it was and has
all the old problems.  We have yet to work on that as a committee).


3) Most everything is stuff and proposals that were on the list for some
time - even the last three guidelines to be posted.  So you don't have to
grapple with whole new concepts.


4) Each one has all the changes listed at the top - so you can read through
them quickly - and all the final text at the bottom so you can read it and
see if you like it.   


Give em a read.  You don't have to make extensive notes - just a bulleted
list of issues and suggestions.  We can talk on the phone.


Remember - this is NOT a fully fixed draft.   It is a draft that brings
together all the different wordings that have been proposed - and the
suggested changes - so that we have a clean copy of where we are to post to
TR.     There are still a lot of issues and we have lots to do on these.


The primary goal here is to 


1)     make sure there isn't anything in here we don't want

2)     make sure this give a good idea of where we are

3)     add notes to let people know where we are not happy with what we have
or where we know we have a problem - and seek any suggestions 


See you then. 



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