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RE: Mapping HTML Techniques to WCAG 2.0

From: <david.donovan@hrdc-drhc.gc.ca>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 17:58:09 -0600
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(responding to David)...
David wrote:
>  Expanding on "Authors should use the TITLE element to identify the 
> contents of a document" to perhaps identify that when you publish a 
> report from hard copy to html, one success criteria might be to ask the 
> question...Are the titles the same? If they are not, why not?

Could you explain why this should be a success criterion? I think this is 
too specific for a success criterion and propose that we generalize the 
idea and expand on it in Techniques.  In other words, we can provide 
examples and general guidance about writing good titles.  Publishing a 
report online could be one example.

(responding to wendy)
1. Because the original document already has a title given by the document author.
2. So people who know the title of the document can search and access the document from a search engine that displays the correct title in the title element.

I would agree that the idea needs to be generalized, but I still think there should still be some success criteria for the title element beyond relying on Guideline 4.1.
As you noted...
"Guideline 4.1 says, "use technologies according to spec."  "title" is a required element in HTML 4.01 [1], thus html:title must be used and is covered by success criterion/guideline 4.1."

Yes, "title" element must be used is covered, but I think how it used to improve accessibility is not covered to the extent it should be in HTML 4.01. 

David Donovan
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