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Re: [3.4] Overview and summary of guideline 3.4

From: Roberto Ellero <rellero@webaccessibile.org>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 22:11:19 +0100
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I would still like to add a notation:

From the lastest internal working draft [1]:
"Layout and behavior of content is consistent or predictable, but not
[level 2 guideline]"

The impression which one obtains from the first reading of 3.4 is that it be
in the context of the contiguity zone between accessibility and usability.

The importance of a consistent and deducible, but not flat and repetitive
structure, concerns usability, communication and accessibility.

In terms of usability, the immediate recall is to the importance to have the
full visibility of the system status, and together divide the informative
areas into distinct areas among of them. (Visibility of system status -
Consistency and standards).

With regard to the communicative appearances, it is well known that the
uniformity excess kills the communication. This is a negative aspect which
distresses many CMS(very consistent but not communicative and rigid).

With regard to the accessibility, as Scano said: "having a web site well
formatted with same layout and navigation facilities help all people,
expecially people with cognitive disability".

So the improved version:
"Layout and behavior of content is coherent or deducible, but not
necessarily identical. [level 2 guideline]"

should in my opinion find a form which makes explicit the importance of
one clear articulate layout (more communicative and useful in giving the
sense of where one is), not being also imperative (not always is opportune
or necessary the diversification).

Roberto Ellero

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> I've end the overview and summary for guideline 3.4 with the support of
> Roberto Ellero.
> A txt file is also available at:
> http://www.robertoscano.info/files/wcag20/WCAG20_GL_3_4.txt
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