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RE: Checkpoint 1.1, p.s.

From: john_slatin <john_slatin@forum.utexas.edu>
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 12:59:54 -0600
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To: "'Charles McCathieNevile'" <charles@w3.org>, Wendy A Chisholm <wendy@w3.org>
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I agree: ALT text and onscreen text should complement each other, not merely


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Subject: Re: Checkpoint 1.1, p.s.

If, in the text, it already says something like "figure one shows that from
june to august sales fell from one to zero" then I would suggesty that an
appropriate alternative is "figure one - sales in june, july an august". If
the information isn't in the text already then you need to figure out how to
put it succinctly in an alt...


On Mon, 2 Dec 2002, Wendy A Chisholm wrote:

>John Slatin proposed the following rewording of example 2 for 
>checkpoint 1.1 [1]
>Providing a short label and a longer explanation are provided for a 
>data chart.  A bar chart compares how many widgets were sold in June, 
>July, and August. The short label says, "Graph of the numbers of 
>widgets sold in June, July, and August." The longer description 
>identifies the type of chart or graph, provides  a high-level summary 
>of the data comparable to that available from the chart or graph, and 
>lists the data themselves.
>I suggest that we accept this proposal in the next draft.
>[1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-gl/2002JulSep/0291.html

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