easy to follow format

Tried to come out with a clear, easy to follow format for the introduction to WIA guidelines, with room for details. 

Design for output device device independence - not everyone will be seeing your  images and hearing sounds. Text equivalent for all non text element including image maps and multi media presentation (synchronize equivalent alternatives for time based presentation) Provide redundant text links for each active region of a server-side image map, Ensure that pages are usable when scripts, applets, or other programmatic objects are turned off.  Ensure that equivalents for dynamic content are updated. Make any important programmatic elements such as scripts and applets accessible  Ensure that all content can be presented in alternative mediums

Use (alt attribute, long definition...)

Design for input device independence - not everyone will be using a mouse

Use (keyup when using  mouseover...)

Design for system independence - not everyone will be using the latest browser so make sure you are following guidelines, backwards compatible, and technology independent 

Use (keyup when using  mouseover...)

Use markup to emphasize structure. Separate content and structure from presentation. Ensure that understanding content structure is not dependent sight or differentiating color.

Use (your markup language well, in html  CSS-tag abbreviations lang. code em for font size...XML create reusable XSLs and schemas, with semantically-rich languages. element types that allow classification and grouping)

Avoid (inline stile information definitions in pixels...deprecated stuff)

Design for ease of browsing and navigation - 

Title each frame and provide non frames versions. Automatically activated links may disorientate disabled users. The same is true for using pop up widows. Tables and headers that sometimes serialized by assertive technologies. For data tables, identify row and column headers. Use markup to associate data cells and header cells

Use (nonframes, TH ...

Avoid (auto refresh, popup windows, tables for page layout, automatically activated links )

Design for ease of comprehension, Use the clearest and simplest language appropriate, 

Thing you might not have thought of: Flashing screens can course problem to people with epilepsy - any others???

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