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I think this is a good start.  It's short and clear.  I have not compared 
it with other drafts to make sure that everything is there nor have i 
thoroughly tested to make sure that it is not ambiguous.

We ought to take a couple drafts and pass them by folks who will be 
implementing this stuff and keep track of their questions and 
comments.  "Usability testing" of our drafts to find out what works and 
what does not.  This was discussed briefly at yesterday's meeting and has 
been part of the requirements for the next draft for some time. We have 
verbal agreements from a couple usability testing places to periodically 
test drafts for ease of reading, comprehensibility, ease of use, etc.

As a first pass on this...

Kynn, Cynthia, Rob, Dick, Katie, others,
You seem to be in the most contact with folks who are trying to implement 
the guidelines.  Do you think it would be helpful to ask a few of those 
folks to review and compare William's latest draft [1], the latest 
reformulation [2], and the WCAG 1.0 checklist [3]?  Then report back to the 
list their comments and questions?


At 07:20 AM 9/8/00 , William Loughborough wrote:
>The "guide to the guidelines" is now replete with links to various 
>documents. Please comment. It's at

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