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At 4:13 AM -0400 9/7/00, Marti wrote:
>One small additional comment on audio.
>Kynn's example of background music on a site is like 'decorative graphics',
>while the score is not needed I might like to know that it is there and
>perhaps the title of the music used.

We have to distinguish "might like to know" from "need to know in
order to access the content," or else we are talking less about
accessibility and usability, and more about your personal

There are some cases in which _I_ might like to know the title of
a song that's playing, but I don't consider it an _accessibility_
problem that it hasn't been provided for me.  If the title were
essential to understanding the material on the page, then yes, it
would be an accessibility problem.

(Note that personal preferences are not a bad thing -- in fact, in
the Edapta model, it's key to the technology, which is why at
Edapta we tend to talk about going beyond "just" accessibility.)

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