Re: Clarification of checkpoint 7.4

>Does "provide the ability for users to update pages manually" really say
>what needs to be said?  Compare "allow the user to require that pages only
>update manually."  Which of these reflects what in the draft UAAG?

WC:: I don't think the distinction between the two is that 
different.  Either way, the user will manually update the page.

>Should we consider adding a link from the "not yet satisfied" sentence to a
>dated document providing backups?  Actually, a link to the UAAG would be
>interesting, too, from the next sentence.

What information would the "dated document providing backups" 
provide?  This vaguely sounds like a techniques document showing authors 
what to do until user agents have satisfied the requirement.

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Received on Thursday, 24 August 2000 15:02:21 UTC