RE: Making class more accessible

<quote src="ref">
User agents shall present to the user on demand a list of all titles 
classes without the title attribute shall be ignored 
the class name itself shall be transparent to the user.  This allows us to
change what the user hears (or sees of feels) without editing the page. 
Users shall be able to choose any class and then step through all elements
of a particular title.. </quote>

Love the principle. The above has me a little confused in terms of usage.

'A list of all titles', would present to the user something akin to a toc,
or list of available specially marked items.

'Step through all elements of a class'. I'm unsure of the utility of this,
expansion please?

And the one thats missing :-) when 'reading' an element with such a class,
the 'title' info is presented to the user (as I note visually that this
is 'green with yellow polkadots' or whatever).

The first two appear to me as navigation assistance, which IMHO is very
The missing one is the equivalence case for the sighted user. 
I like the 'missing' one, I'd like to be sure that its more than a nice to
for non visual browsing before I'd support the other two.

I note the 'how' is missing. Would they be presented as per alt text for an
Would ua's want to know how this should be presented?

Regards DaveP

Received on Thursday, 24 August 2000 03:13:26 UTC