Re: Organizing WCAG 2.0

Kynn Bartlett wrote:
> At 03:37 PM 8/18/2000 , Ian Jacobs wrote:
> >I think that all the documents should be Recommendations.
> >But you only claim conformance to the technology-specific ones.
> >There is no requirement at W3C that a Recommendation have conformance
> >provisions, so we can publish a set of fairly abstract principles
> >that can be the basis for later technology specific profiles.
> Answers my questions, and I like it, Ian.  This is probably the
> proposal that I could get behind the most because I think it
> makes the most sense.  Plus it's what I would say if I had
> Ian's clarity of expression. :)

You're very kind. I apologize for not doing my homework
to find out what issues this proposal does not (and should)

 - Ian

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