Re: Comments and edits for the DRAFT WCAG 2.0

Writing individually and not as co-chair, I would argue that text must be
provided in an encoding which can be transliterated by the software into
whatever may be required by a particular output device. Thus if an output
device or, more precisely, the software underlying it, requires Unicode
then this should be obtainable from the file format, via conversion if

Obviously in file formats which support it, one can readily define any
arbitrary font with whatever altogether non-standard character encoding
one chooses; but unless there is a mapping provided between this and a
character set supported by the output software the text will be
inaccessible to that extent. For concreteness I would argue that a
conversion to Unicode would be a suitable criterion, although obviously
the requirement can be framed in more general terms as already outlined.

Received on Wednesday, 16 August 2000 22:18:31 UTC