Re: Clarification Of Technique 1.3

"Instead I think that for practical reasons we should change this from a
priority 1 to a priority 2."

I knew I was going to catch flack for this proposal but thought it needed to
be said.

If we leave it as a priority 1 then we're in the position of letting the
user decide if the video content requires a synchronized audio description.
So when is an audio description required?

a) The a/v presentation itself is important to the user's well being.
b) The a/v presentation itself is important to the culture.
c) The audio track does not adequately describe the video.
d) Other suggestions??

Can anyone suggest a site that has an synched audio description for an a/v


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> CMcCN: "Hmmm. I am absolutely opposed to this reasoning"
> WL: I second the notion. Just because there's a huge body of
> inaccessible material is no excuse for condoning it.
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