Information on support in speech synthesizers of language switching


This came up on the conference call today. Here's information on this
topic from Mark Hakkinen on the UA list [1] (sent 24 November 1999):

> pwWebSpeak allows synthesizer language changing for the page under these
> conditions:
> 1. The LANG attribute is specified in the HTML element.
> 2. The LANG attribute corresponds to one of the installed synthesizer
> languages.
> Users can manually switch the "reading" synthesizer to one of the installed
> languages, if no LANG attribute is present.
> Presently we don't switch on LANG attributes within a page (though we are
> likely to add that). We do note significant time delays when switching
> between some synthesizers (eg, some SAPI engines may exhibit a long load
> time, particularly when using engines from different vendors). That has been
> a concern of mine if we switch on arbitrary LANG attributes appearing in the
> page as it could introduce unnatural reading flow.

From Jim Thatcher (24 November 1999) [2]:

> Home Page Reader does the same and plans the same. 

Hope this helps,

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