Re: Clarification Of Technique 1.3

At 11:06 AM 2000-07-28 -0400, Chris Ridpath wrote:
>I'm looking for some clarification on technique 1.3:
>"1.3 Until user agents can automatically read aloud the text equivalent of a
>visual track, provide an auditory description of the important information
>of the visual track of a multimedia presentation. [Priority 1]"
>Does this mean that an audio description is required only if there is a text
>equivalent of a visual track? Or, when is an audio description required?

The description is required when it is required, not just when it is provided.

An audio description is required when what you miss by not seeing the video
is [something in the range of (significant, important, critical)].  Once
User Agents 'all' do synchronized audible playback of a text description
track as a native function, a synchronized text equivalent will meet the
requirement for a description.  Until then, provide audio.

The requirement for a description is determined by the complexity and
importance of the video, not by what the author has done about the

The "until user agents" clause only affect whether this description must be
in audio or may be only in text.  It has nothing to do with the criteria
for when a description is required.

Is that the way others recall, too?



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