Re: Back to Principle 1

This has been a good discussion. The current draft avoids the "until user
agents" qualification everywhere except in relation to auditory
descriptions. Principle 6, which covers interim measures, is however
partly covered by an implicit "until user agents" qualification, for
example with respect to automatically refreshing, blinking and flickering
content--these are important features that need to be controlled in
circumstances where user agents fail to do so.

Perhaps one way of expressing it, in rough terms, would be: "If you
suspect that user agents may not provide control over these features
(blinking, flicker, etc.), don't use them or provide an alternative
version of the content". Naturally, this can be expressed in more formal
terms and I would volunteer to rewrite some of the guidelines under
Principle 6 accordingly.

I still think Principle 1 needs work.

Received on Sunday, 16 July 2000 21:42:26 UTC