Re: New guidelines draft

Comments -
Can Principle 1, Guideline 1 be generalized a little more to be inclusive of
Principle 4 Guideline 8? This might get us away from the idea that the
guidelines insist on "all text" and meet some of the needs for cognitive
Principle 1: Provide alternatives to auditory, visual and textual
     1. Provide a textual equivalent for every non-text (auditory or
        graphical) component of a web page or multimedia presentation and
        supplement text with graphic or auditory presentations where they
        will facilitate comprehension of the content.

Regarding Checkpoint 2.2 from WCAG 1.0
 Since "foreground and background color combinations" implies a device
(screen) shouldn't this be covered in technology-specific checklists?

Received on Thursday, 13 July 2000 09:20:59 UTC