"Information Design" Alert for Info Professionals

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Consider joining our online course on "Information Design".  Information design is the study of how information can be organized and presented so that it can be easily accessed and understood. Information design is becoming an increasingly important discipline because information is so central to modern business and society. Effective information design is essential for managing and communicating information effectively. Information design merges the fields of graphic design, interface design, media studies, linguistics, cartography, psychology, perception, and other fields. 

This course examines the fundamentals of information design, as well as different theories relating to information communication. Topics will include: types of information (verbal, visual, metaphoric, narrative, etc.); information design strategies; information classification; graphic design; scientific visualization; the design of instructions; information design in media and advertising; and information design in the entertainment industry. 

The course is especially useful for trainers, information officers and managers, media designers, graphic designers and others who seek to deploy information effectively and productively. 

Course Description:

There are 12 independent Modules that can be taken in a self regulated learning program. Most of the learning materials are online, and there is a supplementary text Information Graphics: Innovative Solutions in Contemporary Design, by Peter Wildbur and Michael Burke (Thames and Hudson, New York, 1998). 
Module 1. Introduction to Information Design 
Module 2. Information Design Strategies and Tools. 
Module 3. Charts and Maps. 
Module 4. Scientific Visualizations. 
Module 5. Virtual Reality and Spatial Design. 
Module 6. Verbal Information Design. 
Module 7. Narrative Information Design. 
Module 8. Metaphors and Symbols. 
Module 9. Audio Information Design. 
Module 10. Information Design for Interactive Media. 
Module 11. Information Design in the Advertising Industry. 
Module 12. Information Design in the Entertainment Industry. 

Course Objectives:

1. Learn tabout basic design guidelines and strategies for effective information design in a variety of formats. 
2. Learn about significant theories that relate to the effective design of information. 
3. Learn to explore the world around you and learn to view the information around them critically, in terms of the effectiveness of the information design. 
4. Learn how to apply effective information design across a range of information formats (graphic design, narrative, spatial design, etc.). 


Course is facilitated by Dr. Hilary McLellan, Professor at Empire State College, and Technology Strategist at Wyatt-McLellan Digital, Inc.  This is a 10-12 week long flex-timed course with intense participation via email, chatrooms, and bulletin board.  Cost is $795 per participant, and discounts are availble for members from academic or non-profit sector institutions and developing countries.  

Call Kristian Pascoli for details at 610-770-8946 or email at kpascoli@esocrates.com

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