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i've also been playing around with this type of code:

  <earl:subject rdf:resource="#subject"/>
  <earl:result rdf:parseType="Resource">
    <earl:message>ALT Tags Exist</earl:message>
  <earl:assertedBy rdf:resource="#assertor"/>

...which makes aggregation very comfortable but kind of turns EARL
inside out (as i understand the current spec).

to me it makes sense as an assertion is really about the specific test
which the tool conducts, the earl:testcase should be optional if this
test really maps to a test suite. comments welcome...

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Works for me.

Although I'm not sure about the use of the "rdf:about" and
attributes. Should these both be "rdf:resource" attributes?

Charles - Any comments?


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> hi,
> currently i'm just using this hack for my prototype:
> <earl:testcase
> rdf:about="">
>   <earl:testId
> rdf:resource="" />
> </earl:testcase>
> regards,
>   shadi

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