Re: "EARL for dummies" type of question


You don't need to know anything about N3 unless you want to read the eamples
that we swap in email - it is just a form of RDF that is easy to write by
hand. What you need is to understand RDF model (the concept part of the RDF
Model and Syntax specification) - - and
the EARL properties and model - - and look
through the examples to see what needs to be generated (at the moment - we
are still using a draft, and might change the vocabulary when we have more
implementation experience).

There are a bunch of tools around that can do things like manipulating and
storing RDF (EARL is an RDF vocabulary, and not a very big one) - information
is available from the RDF page -

(at least I think that is enough)

Can you tell us a bit more about the project?


Charles McCN

On Thu, 14 Jun 2001, Carmen Marincu wrote:

  Hello -

  I've been looking through this mailing list archives about EARL.
  It seems that it is what we might adopt in our project. That is
  generating an output from Bobby and HTML Validator that can be machine
  readable (like stored in a database and  so on ...).
  So far I know that I need to read about XML, RDF and Notation 3.
  I have a little knowledge of XML but that's all !
  I don't have to much time, so could anyone tell me where can I find some
  documentation about it ?
  I know that on the W3C web site are a lot of recommendations and I have
  been using the ones referring to HTML and CSS and I think that they are
  great (structure and content).
  So if u could tell me exactly which  one should I read it would be

  Thanks a lot -

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