Re: "EARL for dummies" type of question

Thanks for the reply !

I am a postgraduate student  and I am doing my masters in Web Accessibility in
R.I.N.C.E. - D.C.U. (Research Institute for Networks and Communications Engineering
- Dublin City University)
We are 2 students working on this research project.
A part of this project is to see the accessibility of some web sites in Ireland.
Well... now we are more concerned about our university web site ! :))
We are using Bobby and HTML Validator to test the web sites. And we have to keep
evidence of all these reports.
Now I am trying to find a way to make a script (or more) to do that.
I saw the mails about EARL and I thought that it sounds good.
I'll start looking on the references that you sent me.

Thanks again for them.

Charles McCathieNevile wrote:

> Hi,
> You don't need to know anything about N3 unless you want to read the eamples
> that we swap in email - it is just a form of RDF that is easy to write by
> hand. What you need is to understand RDF model (the concept part of the RDF
> Model and Syntax specification) - - and
> the EARL properties and model - - and look
> through the examples to see what needs to be generated (at the moment - we
> are still using a draft, and might change the vocabulary when we have more
> implementation experience).
> There are a bunch of tools around that can do things like manipulating and
> storing RDF (EARL is an RDF vocabulary, and not a very big one) - information
> is available from the RDF page -
> (at least I think that is enough)
> Can you tell us a bit more about the project?
> cheers
> Charles McCN
> On Thu, 14 Jun 2001, Carmen Marincu wrote:
>   Hello -
>   I've been looking through this mailing list archives about EARL.
>   It seems that it is what we might adopt in our project. That is
>   generating an output from Bobby and HTML Validator that can be machine
>   readable (like stored in a database and  so on ...).
>   So far I know that I need to read about XML, RDF and Notation 3.
>   I have a little knowledge of XML but that's all !
>   I don't have to much time, so could anyone tell me where can I find some
>   documentation about it ?
>   I know that on the W3C web site are a lot of recommendations and I have
>   been using the ones referring to HTML and CSS and I think that they are
>   great (structure and content).
>   So if u could tell me exactly which  one should I read it would be
>   WONDERFUL !  :)
>   Thanks a lot -
>   Carmen
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