"EARL for dummies" type of question

Hello -

I've been looking through this mailing list archives about EARL.
It seems that it is what we might adopt in our project. That is
generating an output from Bobby and HTML Validator that can be machine
readable (like stored in a database and  so on ...).
So far I know that I need to read about XML, RDF and Notation 3.
I have a little knowledge of XML but that's all !
I don't have to much time, so could anyone tell me where can I find some
documentation about it ?
I know that on the W3C web site are a lot of recommendations and I have
been using the ones referring to HTML and CSS and I think that they are
great (structure and content).
So if u could tell me exactly which  one should I read it would be

Thanks a lot -

Received on Thursday, 14 June 2001 10:38:50 UTC