Re: EARL Announcement

> How about Evaluation And Report Language? 


> Having said that, this will mean that we'll have to update all of the
> schemas and so forth, so we should only change it if it's *really*
> necessary. We've already had two language name changes prior to this
> one, and I think that too many more would just make it confusing. The
> phenomics of the language overall does not really affect what it does,
> so I'm a little sceptical - not because it's a bad name change (it's a
> good idea), but because we'd be changing it at all.

I think it's worth doing it now.

I started updating the EARL home page.

I don't see any mention of Repair in the RDF schema (N3 or XML), nor
in the graphics or the examples, so it was easy.

I'm still working on cleaning up the EARL home page (trying to give it 
a more kosher W3C note look).

Received on Wednesday, 25 April 2001 07:10:21 UTC