Re: EARL Announcement

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> >    - EARL - the Evaluation And Repair Language
> [...] EARL: Evaluation and Reporting Language.

How about Evaluation And Report Language? If we have "Reporting", we
should also have "Evaluating", and "Evaluating And Reporting Language"
doesn't really roll off of the tongue and into the mind.

Having said that, this will mean that we'll have to update all of the
schemas and so forth, so we should only change it if it's *really*
necessary. We've already had two language name changes prior to this
one, and I think that too many more would just make it confusing. The
phenomics of the language overall does not really affect what it does,
so I'm a little sceptical - not because it's a bad name change (it's a
good idea), but because we'd be changing it at all.

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Sean B. Palmer
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Received on Tuesday, 24 April 2001 18:03:13 UTC